fredag 19. september 2014


Leather belts, or leather straps can be useful  in your home, as well as on your jeans :-)
Buy practical, nice leather strap products in the store, or...if you are a bit handy, be creative and make them yourself :-)
 This playful vanity shelf and mirror from Ligne Roset is so cool.
The Gubi leather belt mirror top left is a classic , leather and wood hanger is designed by Jesper Su Rosenmeier, Strap shelf... get similar here, and the nice cloth rack you will find here.
Stylizimo used the leather strap cloths rack in her office. Creative and very decorative:-)
Decorative and super practical solution in small entries!
The complete wood and leather  series from Jesper Su Rosenmeier 

Hope this triggers your imagination, be creative, and create your own personal storage solutions!
Personally, I bought two cool leather belts, and I used them to hold up the roll up blinds in my son`s room.:-))
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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