tirsdag 16. september 2014


 This funky apartment is located in the middle of Berlin, and you can rent it if you want!! A really cool place to stay when in Berlin. :) Check out this suite, and many more at Suite 030 
Lots of decorating ideas in this apartment as well! The dark colored roof whith text written on it. Or how about a huge leather punching bag in the living room? Decorative and usefull when one needs to get some frustration out of the system ;-))
A simple, metal storage solution, but very decorative, and practical too.
How about printing a picture on some weathered wood boards? Not very difficult actually! A lot of printing companies offer this service.
Or, you can put up a map of the city, as an educational art piece ;)
A great deal of inspiration and ideas in this masculine apartment, and a nice place to stay if you are visiting Berlin I would think!
Happy Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by everyone!
 I would love to hear from you, so feel free to write a few lines in the comment box below :-)) 

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