søndag 31. august 2014


Why not be a little creative when choosing materials and colors for the house! Not everyone needs to have a bright white facade and picket fences, right?
Some people are actually brave enough to paint their massive brick walls completely black! Yeah!! :-)) Just take a look at this great home, designed by Canadian architect Alain Carle. 
 Carle highlighted the entrance, the Windows, and all the terraces by adding warm cedar wood panneling.
Black brick, and warm wood works so well togheter!
The color and material mix enhances the building`s different sightlines and angles, giving it a clean and contemporary look, without leaving a dark and cold impression.
This is just the type of facade I am drawing for our dated, old house, to make it look modern and fresh! (a project  not even concidered this year ;)  )

Would love to see some furniture and lights in the windows though... :)

 Most people today do not want paneled ceilings inside their house! ( the agded pine wood often used in Norway, lookes a bit dark an dated) White painted plaster is the most popular solution (me included)
 But this home, is a perfect example to the contrary. The continuance of the outdoor paneling inside, is so nice!!
There are still several large, white elements in the house...the staircase, the kitchen units, the fireplace, all of them making the rooms look bright and spaceous! And of course there is the quality of the cedar wood as well, making it look so great:-)
The contrasts play very well togheter here. Light, dark, cold and warm. The trick is to get the right balance!

// Images: Via //

The warm wood in the ceiling really lifts this house I think, and tells me to be even bolder and more creative, when choosing materials for my own, and for my client`s design projects in the future!
Well.. one of my clients just ended up loving her totally dark bedroom, both ceiling and walls painted almost black, and another one has the whole ceiling covered in umbrellas.
  So.., a bit out of the box I guess ;-)
- Be bold, be different! -

Enjoy the rest of this weekend!
I am making pistachio/cinamon buns, and painting windows today (white...sorry ;) )

fredag 29. august 2014


Slettvoll always hit me with huge amounts of inspiration!
This local furniture company, nails it everytime :-) Headquarters placed here in my hometown Ålesund, and the family owned factory located just outside the city for over 50 years!
Next week they launch their new fall catalog, and by looking at these pictures, I know it is going to be yet another  sucsess!

Patriot, and huge fan...OH YES :-)
Nothing is left to chance! 
Slettvolls photos, styling, and atmosphere are always perfect, and the location used to present their furnitures, always breathtaking! I could actually just move right into this house tomorrow! ;)

A  muted, neutral color scheme, with a touch og mustard yellow accents. A balanced and cozy livingroom dressed to meat the fall and winter months, don`t you think?
Even bright white furniture gets the warm autumn feel, by adding some details. A darker rug, some soft textiles, plenty of nice t-light holders, and a hint of golden metals. Great combo!
 Tips! Recreate this stylish theme in your home, done in a weekend!
Try painting the walls in a super matte, dark and luscious color.
1.Dempet Sort and 3.Amsterdam, are both neutral, rich and beautiful wall colors. And why not cover a wall in stone to get the right look. The thin 2.slate panels above, are so easy to put up!!
 When decorating your home, always remember to include pesonal items in the room, like Slettvoll has done in this diningroom. The huge shelves are the perfect place for family photos, vases, books, or other favorite things. Create  your own style, give each room the important personality of a home.
 Get inspired, but don`t blue print a catalog styling!  ;-)
 Clear, glas vases and Autumn colored flowers brings a vibrant freshnes to the calm and muted rooms, don`t you agree?
An easy and affordable way to create that wow factor!
Tips! Bye a cheap, mixed bouquet of flowers you like, split it up and put them in different size vases around the house instead of all the flowers in one :-) The shorter you cut them, the longer they last!

Loving this dark bedroom, and the soft bed linnen! And on the ottaman in front you can se a hint of yet another beautiful accent color this fall at Slettvoll;) Take a look HERE

 Nice soft rug, a big fireplace, and clean lined furniture....ready for Autumn/Winter 2014 from Slettvoll :)
It is all in the details... a close up from the new catalog launched next week. Golden metal, dark, smokey glas and warm orange feathers.
I T  I S  F R I D A Y..,
Y E S!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



tirsdag 26. august 2014


 The last few weeks, I have been looking at what`s trending this fall, and I found a lot of make up vibes ;-)
 Jotun just launched three new color palettes, Everyday Balance (green hues), Everyday Simplicity (black/whites) , and Everyday Beauty...sheer skin tones and subdued reds, named Warm blush and Whispering red. The inspiring color chart, Jotun LADY Balance will be in store during week 37.
 Jotun Balance 2859 Whispering red
All these soft, balanced colors look like their taken right out of a make up kit, right? :) 
Perfect harmony! 
Neutral, grey,  matte,"Pigment" wallpaper from Borås Tapeter
 The sheer Nudes and soft Corals are just stunning when mixed with neutral grey walls, and crisp white details.

 Jotuns palette Everyday Blance , front wall: Jotun LADY Balance 7555 Soft Mint. Right wall: Jotun LADY Balance 7163 Minty Breeze.
Minty greens... perfectly calm and peaceful on their own, and also a perfect match when combined with the blushing red trend  this fall.
 One more trend inspired moodboard I made. Top images Via Down left, one more Jotun LADY Balance color , Everyday Beauty: 2024 Senses. And far right, the beautiful New Norm Storage jars

 Jotun LADY Balance, Everyday Beauty, 2856 Warm blush 
//Collages by Therese Knutsen //
Late night trend post! Inspired?? I am! :-D

torsdag 21. august 2014


 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,14, 1415, 15
Today it is all about glam and rock and roll everybody! Perfect start to a Thursday? :-D
Last week I wrapped up a project for a client so enthusiastic, positive, glam, and rock and roll, that you just have to smile and be happy around her :-)
So, her brand new house had to reflect her sparkling personality, right? :-)
After showing some of these pictures on my instagram last week, I have got a lot of questions about the products used in this project. That is why I placed numbers under my moodboards today :). Click, and you will find information about the products. Random order, but helpful I hope!
1, 2, 3, 4,

The super cool art is painted by Espen Eiborg. Covered in gold leaf, it was just perfect in this house!

Some fresh green and white flowers puts the final touch to this glam livingroom before the housewarming party last weekend. I used only green and white flowers, to keep it simple and fresh. A lot of colorful flowers would have been too much here I think, agree? :)

5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

The fireplace is also my design. By keeping the fire wood niche and the TV in line with the fireplace insert, the result is a clean lined and contemporary look.

 // Images and collages: Therese Knutsen //

A mix of dark grey and white walls gives the room character, and enhances the golden details so well.

I hope this little peek at one of my projects inspired you this morning, and why don`t you try to put a bit of sparkle in to your home as well ;-D

Have a nice day!


onsdag 20. august 2014


 Concrete, a material usually associated with heavy machinery massive structures and construction work, but not in the hands of Doreen Westphal Her beautiful, light and airy concrete lace is quite the opposite! Detailed, sheer lace patterns hanging in steel cables.
Her concrete "curtain" is the perfect decoration and room divider in both public and private spaces, a fabulous interior and exterior wallcovering, and also a great garden feature don`t you agree? :-D
The lace can be costumized and made in different patterns and sizes!
 Ohh, I would love to use this concrete lace in an urban garden project, streaming the sunlight, and casting beautiful shadows.
PS! More talented designers and artists with a sharp eye on those important details? ;) Check out the catagory box on the left. Click: "Eye on details"!

tirsdag 19. august 2014




 Oh hello everyone :-)
I am still around, and I have really missed the blog this summer. Vacation, loads of work, and our renovation project, are all reasons why the blog has been so quiet for some time.
I am so sorry!, but I am looking forward to sharing ideas, inspiration and interior design with you more frequently now ;-)  
I hope that all of you had a wonderful summer, and that you are just as happy as I am about the changing season, the new color schemes, and all the exiting autumn  news popping up everywhere!
Love it!
Royal Copehagen just launched their new deep blue, and black porcelain tableware. So beautiful, dark, and with a matte and silky surface. Take a look HERE 
  Today I really just want to show you a moodboard, an autumn forecast maybe. Picking up the colors I have seen most of both on the catwalk, and in the great world of interior design  right now. A lot of dark blues, soft warm tones and the trending touch of golden metal.
A favorite fashion designer, Elie Saab`s collection this fall. Shades of blue ;-)
The golden hues creates a warm balance combined with colder blues, and mixed with  neutral black and white, you get an interesting and sophisticated look in your home this fall,
 HM home collection also include a lot of blue color this season. Deep night blue bed linnen is a winner I think :) Check out their new products HERE
 Moodboards: Therese Knutsen/ Images: Via
Well...bring it on!!
 After a long,  sunny and warm summer outdoors, I am so ready for the rainy days, the falling leaves, lots of candle lights, and more time to be creative inside the house again, are you? :-D
I see that so many of you have been stopping by during the summer, and it makes me so happy! Welcome!, and feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, or just say hello in the comment field below. 
Have yourself a terrific tuesday everyone!

søndag 15. juni 2014


 Til tross for at det flommer inn med dagslys og solskinn nå på sommeren, og at jeg elsker det lyse, hvite og lette, så blir jeg også veldig inspirert av de dype palettene. Mørke farger, ulike overflater, rene linjer, og bevisst bruk av kontraster skaper et spennende uttrykk synes jeg. :-) 
Dette har nå blitt til en ekstra instagram konto @eyeondesign4u
Her setter jeg sammen bilder som jeg har samlet på min Pinterest konto HER 
Interiør, arkitektur, mønstre, farger, detaljer og objekter i mørke nyanser plukkes ut fra mappene mine og gir denne instagramkontoen et eget uttrykk.  En motvekt til de mange hvite, lyse og lette inspirasjonskontoene på Instagram :)
Hva synes dere? Liker dere de mørke nyansene?

Bildene er i god Eye on details ånd, en god blanding av ulike elementer som trigger kreativiteten og gir inspirasjon. :) Alt fra fuglefjær, interiørløsninger, tekstiler, ulike overflater...., men i motsetning til instagram @eyeondetails, hvor de aller fleste bildene er tatt av meg med min telefon, er dette altså andres bilder, satt sammen med en "mørk" tråd ;)
 Min mørke side ;-)
 Har jeg opplysninger om produkter, arkitekter, designere, nyttige linker eller lignende, skriver jeg dette i teksten til bildet, slik at dere kan finne ut mer hvis det er av interesse.
Dette er noe jeg selv setter stor pris på når jeg ser noe jeg liker på nettet. :-)
//Images: Therese Knutsen //
På min Pinterest har jeg til nå opprettet 67 ulike mapper som inneholder over 1500 bilder i alle farger, stiler og nyanser, bilder som inspirerer meg på en eller annen måte. Ta en titt da vel :-) Kanskje dere også får lyst til å samle ideer og inspirasjon på en egen konto :) (hvis dere ikke allerede er hektet da, slik som jeg;)

Ha en fortsatt inspirerende helg alle sammen!
I am hooked!! Hooked on inspiration! :-) Pinterest, and Istagram... I use both these online tools to collect and share ideas and inspiring images. A few days ago I opened one more Instagram account @eyeondesign4u. This instagram contains inspiring dark colored pictures collected  online to my Pinterest account. This is different from my account, @eyeondetails. where all the images are  taken by me, and the theme and colors are random. 
This new feed is all about my dark side. ;)
 I love the crisp white light, and the bright sunny days in the summertime, but I am also very fond of dark hues, contrasts, and a deep, sophisticated color scheme. Selected images from the 67 different folders, and over 1500 Pictures saved on my Pinterest are put togheter to create this feed.
Quite the opposite of the many light, airy and white Instagram feeds out there.
 So...do you like dark hues and designs?
Well, anyway. Try it! Start collecting and sharing inspiration and ideas online1 ;) So much fun!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody!