fredag 5. desember 2014


You can see a couple of my Christmas table settings at Ica`s web page today :-)
Giving you some ideas and tips on how to decorate a festive Christmas table  without using the traditional red color :)
Se more picture from these Christmas and New Year`s table settings HERE and HERE
 A neutral color scheme creates a relaxed Christmas feel.

I wanted this table to look like a clear and starry midnight sky :)
PS! I am so sorry for the bad blogg updates lately!! Work an house renovation have been taking up all my time, and even if I have so many things to share with you, I have had to prioritize our moving, and all the design projects at work for some time now.
Hope you still stop by, and I promise to get better now that we have moved in. I will show you bits from the house as well, as we continue to renovate, furnish, and decorate  :-) Right now it is complete chaos here though...boxes and paint brushes everywhere.
Have a nice weekend everyone, I will be back very soon :-))

fredag 17. oktober 2014


- NO12 -

Yesterday, No12 hair salon opened its doors to customers, in Devoldfabrikken just outside Ålesund city. So exiting to see my design being built :-) Still some details left to be built, and products to be fitted, but it is going to be fabulous!
Just saying...they have a DJ booth in the back of the salon ;-) I was there yesterday morning, and the DJ was already playing, so cool!
   The salon is 150m2, located in an old factory building, and the ceiling is over 4 meters high. To prevent a sterile and cold feeling, it has been very important to to divide the space into different zones, and to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.
Covering the walls with fabric, is one way of giving the space a soft, enclosed and luxurious feel.

When I was asked to design this salon, my client had already ordered some of the furniture, like a bunch of massive wood logs. I just had fun, and made a unique product shelf by the entrance. :)

 The salon from above, where you can see the different zones.
 The Italian salon furniture already picked out by my client, was the start point and inspiration for me when designing this salon.

And also, the fantastic photographs! Hair and styling.. all  done by my talented client! I designed some huge metal easels for the 1 by 1 meter pictures. These easels are actually something I have planned for my own living room as well. ;)

 The huge dream lamps from Moooi and Santa and Cole fits  perfectly into the salon`s New York studio style ;) Quite expencive, but definitely a wow factor!
 Since the waitng area is placed near the windows, I chose some large, rotating and embracing lounge chairs, giving  the customers a feeling of privacy. Tailor made magazine racks, leans against the wall, and can easily be moved around. 
This shelf is also on my "to make" list in my ongoing private home renovation project;-) I will give you a tutorial here on the blog when I have made one!
To create even more privacy, I made a box in the middle of the room,. Inside the box... the wash area, with massage chairs and a dark, star light ceiling :)
The valnut veneered box  becomes a multi functional room divider and a decorative backwall at the reception.

on the other side of the box.., the cutting stations, away from passers-by outside the salon.
In the back of the room, the DJ booth is placed on top of another valnut box.., the  color mixing station /staff room box.

At Goodwin&Goodwin you can order light bulb letters in any shape or size, so I made the logo of No12 in 80cm high letters to be placed on top of the DJ box. Cool right?
When I visited No12 yesterday, I only got some snap shots with my phone.
Better pictures comming soon! 
Do you find any inspiration and ideas at all from my public space projects...?
I hope so! :)
I always get ideas for my home from hotels, salons, restaurants and other public spaces.
It`s Friday again, yeah!! Have a wonderful weekend!

mandag 13. oktober 2014


// Moodboard: Therese Knutsen, Images: Nordsjø and Pinterest //
 I was invited to attend, when Nordsjø announced their Color of the year 2015 in Gothenburg a few days ago. You might have seen some pictures already on my instagram :-)
"This color breathes warmth into the interior, replacing the cool blues and greens from last year
It is a color of depth and currency that combines wonderfully with the everyday.
Great on its own, the color also combines perfectly With pinks, neutrals, whites and other Orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold."
// Nordsjø //
 // Images: Nordsjø //
" It really comes alive combined With flesh pink, clay toned neutrals, a tiny touch of Bright yellow, crisp whites, wood tones and of course copper."
// Nordsjø //
Rad more about the color, in Nordsjø`s Colour futures
// Image: Nordsjø //
The launch was at Lilla Gøtafors . Even the colors at the event location matched  ;-)
// Image: Nordsjø //
Creative designers, bloggers and stylists from Norway and Sweden where invited. The whole day was packed with inspiration! Speakers from Stylt Trampoli, and
 Asko Nobel (Nordsjø), bubbles, food, and a super fun workshop!
//Image: Nordsjø //
At the workshop there were walls set up, painted in Copper Orange, and a whole room full of props! We were told to do a spontaneous styling. So much fun!!
My group created an "after the Color of the year launch nachspiel" ;-) (picture above) 
One tiny detail from this styling, and I had to create some moodboards when I got home!!
Do you see the detail...? ;)
...The dark colored candles, against the warm colored wall!
At first I was not too pleased with the combo, but now I think it is so perfect in this picture!
I chose to turn it the other way around though.., to create a different look.
// Moodboard: Therese Knutsen, Images: Nordsjø and Pinterest
Some dark colors from Nordsjø`s color chart, and I made my own moods.., inspired by our styling :-)
An overall dark color palette, with a hint of warm copper orange!
Looks  sophisticated and chic, don`t you think?
 //  Moodboard: Therese Knutsen, Images: Studio Oink
This beautiful styling by Studio Oink is spot on :-)
Starting this week filled with inspiration and colorful ideas from my trip to Gothenburg!
Have a happy and colorful week everyone!

onsdag 8. oktober 2014


One of my ongoing projects!

 Hopefully it will inspire you to...

I love when I can create something practical, and good looking out of something boring and a bit annoying :-)
Like in this top floor apartment.
 In the middle of the open plan living space.., a huge chimney!
 My clients don`t need a fireplace, but they want somewhere to hang the TV, and more storage capacity in the hallway.

My inspiration...
The planned kitchen units. C-series from Unoform, in walnut wood, with horizontal lines. And the dining chairs in the top picture,"Tiger" from Naver Collection, More horizontal lines :)

 Well,  I came up with this design.., removable panels. Made of walnut wood strips, to complement the lines and materials in the rest of the apartment. 
PS! A chimney can not be permanently boxed in, you have to be able to check if there are any cracks on the surface!! 
On the living room side of the chimney, I made room for a built in TV solution. This will also give extra space to hide wires, tv-boxes and even create some extra storage under the TV.

// Design, drawings and collages: Therese Knutsen //

On the hallway side if the chimney, a built in full figure mirror, a clothing rack, and a double shoe rack. I also drew in an invisible seat at the end. Great for sitting down, while tying shoelaces ;-)
So, all in all, the "annoying" chimney box is even bigger now, but it has become a decorative room divider, and a multifunctional furniture!

Hope you got some ideas and inspiration :-)

Have a nice evening everyone!


mandag 29. september 2014


Massive inspiration boost!! This house by Vocus Architects is really my cup of tea :-)
Concrete floors,
beautiful steel doors.
bright and spacious kitchen, with a huge dining table,
the overall material mix,
 // Images: Via //
the steel handrail... and did I mention the steel and glas doors?? ;-)
I could move right in here.!!

But most of all, I am dreaming about moving into our own home right now!! This  renovation is really testing my patience!
Seven months without our own place is taking its toll, especially on the interior nerd in the family!;)
 I want to fix, and furnish, and have my own things around me again!
Only a few more weeks left.., I hope!! 
Have a nice monday everyone!  
New week, new opportunities!

mandag 22. september 2014


 Same procedure every year... I fall in love with this deep, warm burgundy color all over again!
Already been out shopping ;)
A soft, burgundy, wool scarf, a warm sweather, and a deep red dress. All hanging there in my wardrobe, ready for the the crisp autumn air :-) 
 Burgundy is a beautiful color to use in our home decorating as well, especially this time of year. Don`t you agree?

Neutral grey colors, both warm and cold hues, marries very well wih the deep red colors. Play with hues and tones to find your personal favorite. Do you prefer the fresh rasberry color below, or a deeper burgundy hue, like the one on the chaiselong in the picture further up?
// Image: Slettvoll //
 A couple of weeks ago, I was attending the autumn news party at Slettvoll, and I immediately noticed their new, rasberry red/burgundy love seat! ♥♥ 
// Collages: Therese Knutsen // Images: Via //

Moody Monday! Hope you got some  ideas, and some autumn inspiration ;-)

fredag 19. september 2014


Leather belts, or leather straps can be useful  in your home, as well as on your jeans :-)
Buy practical, nice leather strap products in the store, or...if you are a bit handy, be creative and make them yourself :-)
 This playful vanity shelf and mirror from Ligne Roset is so cool.
The Gubi leather belt mirror top left is a classic , leather and wood hanger is designed by Jesper Su Rosenmeier, Strap shelf... get similar here, and the nice cloth rack you will find here.
Stylizimo used the leather strap cloths rack in her office. Creative and very decorative:-)
Decorative and super practical solution in small entries!
The complete wood and leather  series from Jesper Su Rosenmeier 

Hope this triggers your imagination, be creative, and create your own personal storage solutions!
Personally, I bought two cool leather belts, and I used them to hold up the roll up blinds in my son`s room.:-))
Have a nice weekend everyone!