tirsdag 13. januar 2015

torsdag 8. januar 2015


... blog name, new company name, and even a new blog platform :-)
My blog, Eye on details, and my interior design Company (10 year anniversary in 2015), Room4u, are one and the same from now on!
I am so exited to be settling in at the brand new blog platform, United Bloggers, where I will continue to share my ideas, inspiration, and interior design with you.
This post will be the last one published on Eye on details, but I hope you will continue to stop by my blog at ThereseKnutsen.no
New name and housing.., same blog!!;)

Still some technical ajustments to take care of, but this is going to be so much fun :-)
In the next couple of days, you will find my new name on facebook too, my Instagram is already sorted .
//Styling/ Photo: Therese Knutsen //
So, as you can see, I have a lot going on in 2015 already! Getting organized!
 Looking forward to working on exiting interior/garden design projects, and to create  inspiring blog posts for you!
I will do my very best ;-)

søndag 4. januar 2015


The Christmas fairy lights, the illuminating stars in the windows, and the sparkling Christmas tree.., all gone! Packed away in the basement again, leaving the house so much darker.
So happy with our Christmas presents though...two Lampe Gras N304, giving us some extra, super flexible work light in the kitchen.

 // Styling/ Photo: Therese Knutsen //

 In addition to several double ceiling spot lights, these wall lamps create a nice atmosphere in our kitchen.
 It is important to place the lights in various heights in a room, to create a balanced and comfortable lighting. If possible, get dimmers on all your lamps as well, giving you the opportunity to lower or increase the intensity of the light  :-)

NIB want`s to know how we use light around the house, well... this is how we light up our kitchen :-) Get some great lighting tips Here 

A lazy Sunday is almost over, I am having some tea, and enjoying the last of the wonderful fig and nut cake my sweet mother in law makes every Christmas. Getting the family ready to start work and school again tomorrow. Bring it on 2015, we are so excited!! :)



torsdag 1. januar 2015



Sharing a recipe with you this first day of 2015!
A fresh start!
After days and days of wonderful sweets and Christmas treats, I suddenly had a craving for rye bread, and a jucy salmon burger :-) Maybe you feel the same..? ;)

300 g Salma salmon
1 spring onion
1/2 red chili (no seeds)
Black pepper
Fresh coriander
Toasted whole grain rye bread.
1/2 mango fruit chopped into cubes
2 dl greek yoghurt
Zest of 1 lime
1/2 ts of Sambal Olek
1 ts akasia honey
Maldon salt
Avocado slices
Red onion rings
Green salad
Black pepper
// Styling/Photo: Therese Knutsen //
Start with the mango yoghurt dressing.
Mix everything in a bowl, and keep refrigerated until serving.
Chop the burger ingredients and mix together using an immersion blender.
Make burgers and fry them on both sides for 2-3 minutes on medium heat.
Toast the rye bread, and top it with salad, burger and dressing. Garnish with some sliced avocado, red onion rings and freshly ground black pepper.

onsdag 31. desember 2014


Well.., I guess you know me by now...,:)) I did two table settings yesterday, and here is the dark one :-D
The house smells of delicious lamb meat cooking in the kitchen right now, and we are almost ready to get the party started.

The table looks like a starry midnight sky :)

//Styling and photo: Therese Knutsen //
Wishing you all a sparkling evening!

tirsdag 30. desember 2014


Super easy dessert comming up :-)
I am sure you have all of the ingredients already...
- Vanilla ice cream
( I used Dream Yoghurt Ice cream, so light and fresh)
- Left over Christmas cookies
( I used my amaretto almond biscotties )
- Cold espresso
- Mandarin filets
- Flaked almonds
( Or chopped almonds)
- Chopped dark chocolate
( I used Mocca beans for extra coffee flavour)
- Homemade Sugar spin
( Tutorial Here )
Easy fix:
Chopped the cookies, and mix into the ice cream.  Add the cold espresso, and freeze until serving.
Make the sugar spin. It is much easier than it looks, and lots of fun to make sugar decorations :)
Slice the mandarin into thin filets.
To serve:
Use a mandarin slice to wet the rim of the dessert glass, then dip the rim in light brown muscovado sugar. Decoration only ;)
Sprinkle some of the chopped cookies into the glass. Place a scoop or two of the espresso ice cream on top, and garnish with chocolate, almonds, mandarin filets and the fantastic sugar spin.

 // Recipe, styling, photo: Therese Knutsen //


Hope you are enjoying these lovely, lazy Christmas days as much as I am:-) Sitting here in the window seat today, looking at the New Year`s table I just finished.
A shimmering, starry theme, with some simple green spuce branches instead of flowers. Some gold metal wire, and even the candles got spruce decorations ;)
My "crystal" glasses serves as candle holders, because they leave such beautiful reflections in the room when the candles are lit. You can buy them HERE   My tableware is, Saturn, from Porsgrund Porselen. A wedding present fifteen years ago, but I still love the clean lines and the timeless look.
When the glasses are filled with bubbles, and all the candles are lit, the table is ready to welcome our guests!
 // Styling/photo: Therese Knutsen //
A sparkler sets the party mood, and smells of New Year`s Eve :-))
Maybe you got some easy fix, last minute decorating ideas..?
Have a wonderful New Year`s Eve tomorrow, and I hope you will continue to stop by my blog in 2015 as well.
Exiting things are happening you see ;)


 PS! A super easy New Years dessert comming up later tonight...stay tuned!