mandag 22. september 2014


 Same procedure every year... I fall in love with this deep, warm burgundy color all over again!
Already been out shopping ;)
A soft, burgundy, wool scarf, a warm sweather, and a deep red dress. All hanging there in my wardrobe, ready for the the crisp autumn air :-) 
 Burgundy is a beautiful color to use in our home decorating as well, especially this time of year. Don`t you agree?

Neutral grey colors, both warm and cold hues, marries very well wih the deep red colors. Play with hues and tones to find your personal favorite. Do you prefer the fresh rasberry color below, or a deeper burgundy hue, like the one on the chaiselong in the picture further up?
// Image: Slettvoll //
 A couple of weeks ago, I was attending the autumn news party at Slettvoll, and I immediately noticed their new, rasberry red/burgundy love seat! ♥♥ 
// Collages: Therese Knutsen // Images: Via //

Moody Monday! Hope you got some  ideas, and some autumn inspiration ;-)

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  1. Lekre bilder!
    En magisk høstfarge, helt fantastisk:)
    Veldig glad for at fargen er hot i år og:))

    Ha en fin fin kveld:)

    Jeg har et million-gavedryss inne hos meg, bli gjerne med:)
    Er veldig enkelt, kun en kommentar! :)