mandag 15. september 2014


When fall arrives, the masculine colors, textiles and fashion trends always inspire me a bit extra! :-)
This clean lined interior has a masculine, yet calm and cozy feel, created  by matte and muted wallcolors, soft mustard yellow textiles and a thick wool carpet on the floor. The picture is from Jotun Lady`s new color chart "Everyday Simplisity", and the styling is done by the always inspiring duo Kråkvik & D`Orazio. Needless to say at this time, I    the industrial glas doors ! ;-))
The colors above are all from Jotun Lady`s "Everyday Simplisity". Great basic colors for your home this fall. Be creative, and make it more colorful and personal, by adding colors like mustard yellow, strong blues, or maybe a fresh rasberry red.
I find the masculine check and stripe psatterns looking balanced and sophisticated. Do you think it is to strict or boring?
//  All moodboards made by: Therese Knutsen, Images: Via  //
Leather is another material that I think fits this style. Leather furniture, headboards, handles, and even some nice, worn boots fits in here:)

Even if everything in this room is dark colored, it doesn`t feel unpleasant or boring at all! This diningroom has caracter and it looks cozy and inviting, right?
The Picture is from Slettvoll`s wonderful product catalog.


Hope your week has started out wonderful!
  I will be back tomorrow, with pictures of a stylish, and very masculine apartment in Berlin.
 Stay tuned!



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