fredag 29. august 2014


Slettvoll always hit me with huge amounts of inspiration!
This local furniture company, nails it everytime :-) Headquarters placed here in my hometown Ålesund, and the family owned factory located just outside the city for over 50 years!
Next week they launch their new fall catalog, and by looking at these pictures, I know it is going to be yet another  sucsess!

Patriot, and huge fan...OH YES :-)
Nothing is left to chance! 
Slettvolls photos, styling, and atmosphere are always perfect, and the location used to present their furnitures, always breathtaking! I could actually just move right into this house tomorrow! ;)

A  muted, neutral color scheme, with a touch og mustard yellow accents. A balanced and cozy livingroom dressed to meat the fall and winter months, don`t you think?
Even bright white furniture gets the warm autumn feel, by adding some details. A darker rug, some soft textiles, plenty of nice t-light holders, and a hint of golden metals. Great combo!
 Tips! Recreate this stylish theme in your home, done in a weekend!
Try painting the walls in a super matte, dark and luscious color.
1.Dempet Sort and 3.Amsterdam, are both neutral, rich and beautiful wall colors. And why not cover a wall in stone to get the right look. The thin 2.slate panels above, are so easy to put up!!
 When decorating your home, always remember to include pesonal items in the room, like Slettvoll has done in this diningroom. The huge shelves are the perfect place for family photos, vases, books, or other favorite things. Create  your own style, give each room the important personality of a home.
 Get inspired, but don`t blue print a catalog styling!  ;-)
 Clear, glas vases and Autumn colored flowers brings a vibrant freshnes to the calm and muted rooms, don`t you agree?
An easy and affordable way to create that wow factor!
Tips! Bye a cheap, mixed bouquet of flowers you like, split it up and put them in different size vases around the house instead of all the flowers in one :-) The shorter you cut them, the longer they last!

Loving this dark bedroom, and the soft bed linnen! And on the ottaman in front you can se a hint of yet another beautiful accent color this fall at Slettvoll;) Take a look HERE

 Nice soft rug, a big fireplace, and clean lined furniture....ready for Autumn/Winter 2014 from Slettvoll :)
It is all in the details... a close up from the new catalog launched next week. Golden metal, dark, smokey glas and warm orange feathers.
I T  I S  F R I D A Y..,
Y E S!!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



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  1. Ååååååå det er like spennende hvert år når Slettvoll slipper den nye kolleksjonen. Tror jeg må bestille nytt trekk til puten på crossleg ottomanen min. Det var jo bare nydelig med det grå velour trekket.