søndag 31. august 2014


Why not be a little creative when choosing materials and colors for the house! Not everyone needs to have a bright white facade and picket fences, right?
Some people are actually brave enough to paint their massive brick walls completely black! Yeah!! :-)) Just take a look at this great home, designed by Canadian architect Alain Carle. 
 Carle highlighted the entrance, the Windows, and all the terraces by adding warm cedar wood panneling.
Black brick, and warm wood works so well togheter!
The color and material mix enhances the building`s different sightlines and angles, giving it a clean and contemporary look, without leaving a dark and cold impression.
This is just the type of facade I am drawing for our dated, old house, to make it look modern and fresh! (a project  not even concidered this year ;)  )

Would love to see some furniture and lights in the windows though... :)

 Most people today do not want paneled ceilings inside their house! ( the agded pine wood often used in Norway, lookes a bit dark an dated) White painted plaster is the most popular solution (me included)
 But this home, is a perfect example to the contrary. The continuance of the outdoor paneling inside, is so nice!!
There are still several large, white elements in the house...the staircase, the kitchen units, the fireplace, all of them making the rooms look bright and spaceous! And of course there is the quality of the cedar wood as well, making it look so great:-)
The contrasts play very well togheter here. Light, dark, cold and warm. The trick is to get the right balance!

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The warm wood in the ceiling really lifts this house I think, and tells me to be even bolder and more creative, when choosing materials for my own, and for my client`s design projects in the future!
Well.. one of my clients just ended up loving her totally dark bedroom, both ceiling and walls painted almost black, and another one has the whole ceiling covered in umbrellas.
  So.., a bit out of the box I guess ;-)
- Be bold, be different! -

Enjoy the rest of this weekend!
I am making pistachio/cinamon buns, and painting windows today (white...sorry ;) )

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