tirsdag 26. august 2014


 The last few weeks, I have been looking at what`s trending this fall, and I found a lot of make up vibes ;-)
 Jotun just launched three new color palettes, Everyday Balance (green hues), Everyday Simplicity (black/whites) , and Everyday Beauty...sheer skin tones and subdued reds, named Warm blush and Whispering red. The inspiring color chart, Jotun LADY Balance will be in store during week 37.
 Jotun Balance 2859 Whispering red
All these soft, balanced colors look like their taken right out of a make up kit, right? :) 
Perfect harmony! 
Neutral, grey,  matte,"Pigment" wallpaper from Borås Tapeter
 The sheer Nudes and soft Corals are just stunning when mixed with neutral grey walls, and crisp white details.

 Jotuns palette Everyday Blance , front wall: Jotun LADY Balance 7555 Soft Mint. Right wall: Jotun LADY Balance 7163 Minty Breeze.
Minty greens... perfectly calm and peaceful on their own, and also a perfect match when combined with the blushing red trend  this fall.
 One more trend inspired moodboard I made. Top images Via Down left, one more Jotun LADY Balance color , Everyday Beauty: 2024 Senses. And far right, the beautiful New Norm Storage jars

 Jotun LADY Balance, Everyday Beauty, 2856 Warm blush 
//Collages by Therese Knutsen //
Late night trend post! Inspired?? I am! :-D

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  1. Alltid veldig inspirerende og besøke bloggen din!
    Her var det mye lekkert ツ

    1. Så hyggelig at bloggen inspirerer, da blir jeg så glad :-)

      Klem Therese