tirsdag 2. september 2014


August/September is actually the perfect time for some garden planning! :-)

If you want to improve, change, or maybe create a new outdoor area, start preparing now!. Be creative! Use the different levels in your garden to make planters,sitting areas, practical and estetic stairs and paths. Make sure you get shelter from the road. Use fences and hedges to create a private outdoor living space.
I help a lot of my clients with their gardens in the fall.
Togheter we come up with an overall layout, that best suits their wants and needs.
When the plan is ready, there are so much they can get done before the  winter arrives.
For example, in August/September, your garden is still green and blooming, and you can easily spot which plants to keep, to move, or maybe even remove all togheter. It is so much easier to remove unwanted plants and trees at the end of the season, when they are fading and withering away anyway.

Building terraces, moulding walls, stairs and planters...all perfect jobs to do in the fall, when you don`t spend that much time in the garden anyway:-)
By getting ahed with the build now, there will be less time wasted in the spring, when you really just want to enjoy the planting and the finishing touches, spending time and relaxing in your new outdoor living space :-)
Above, some drawings of a garden plan I suggested to a client who were starting from scratch. A lot of moulded concrete  planters, stairs and features. Would be great to get the heavy work done before winter right? ;-)

This is a project I am working on right now. I am helping my Clients find the final solutions to their already well established and almost finished outdoor area.
 Some nice curvy concrete planters, a large sitting area on top of the stone wall, an even  more spacious terrace on ground level, and some new functional stairs from the top to the bottom level.

 // Design, drawings and images: Therese Knutsen // 
My Clients often get a list of the plants I have chosen for their garden, wich makes it easy to start the planting in the spring. My advise is to get as much information as possible about the plants and flowers you want in your garden. Find out if they want sunlight or shade, how big they get, and what kind of soil they need to thrive. Plan your planting as well as your layout, and you will get a thriving green oasis, to relax in all summer.
I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration to stay on a bit outside this fall, enjoying the colorful changes in the garden, and maybe make some exiting plans for next spring! :-)



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  1. wow,det blir jo kjempe stillig. Total forandring.:) Veldig lurt og praktisk å gi detaljert beskrivelse på alle plantene også og hvor de skal være. Kjempe imponert :) God helg