fredag 5. desember 2014


You can see a couple of my Christmas table settings at Ica`s web page today :-)
Giving you some ideas and tips on how to decorate a festive Christmas table  without using the traditional red color :)
Se more picture from these Christmas and New Year`s table settings HERE and HERE
 A neutral color scheme creates a relaxed Christmas feel.

I wanted this table to look like a clear and starry midnight sky :)
PS! I am so sorry for the bad blogg updates lately!! Work an house renovation have been taking up all my time, and even if I have so many things to share with you, I have had to prioritize our moving, and all the design projects at work for some time now.
Hope you still stop by, and I promise to get better now that we have moved in. I will show you bits from the house as well, as we continue to renovate, furnish, and decorate  :-) Right now it is complete chaos here though...boxes and paint brushes everywhere.
Have a nice weekend everyone, I will be back very soon :-))

4 kommentarer:

  1. Looking forward to more frome your blog:)

  2. Nydelig:)
    Gleder meg masse til og pynte julebordet ♡

  3. Det var riktig, riktig vakkert!
    Hvor er de fine hvite stjernelysholderne fra? De var søte!
    Hilsen Anna

    1. Hei Anna,
      Takk for fine ord!
      De stjerneformede skålene/lysholderne har jeg kjøpt på Kremmerhuset.
      De bruker jeg både til serveringsskåler og lysholdere i julen :-)
      Ha en fin førjulstid, og riktig god jul!