mandag 13. oktober 2014


// Moodboard: Therese Knutsen, Images: Nordsjø and Pinterest //
 I was invited to attend, when Nordsjø announced their Color of the year 2015 in Gothenburg a few days ago. You might have seen some pictures already on my instagram :-)
"This color breathes warmth into the interior, replacing the cool blues and greens from last year
It is a color of depth and currency that combines wonderfully with the everyday.
Great on its own, the color also combines perfectly With pinks, neutrals, whites and other Orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold."
// Nordsjø //
 // Images: Nordsjø //
" It really comes alive combined With flesh pink, clay toned neutrals, a tiny touch of Bright yellow, crisp whites, wood tones and of course copper."
// Nordsjø //
Rad more about the color, in Nordsjø`s Colour futures
// Image: Nordsjø //
The launch was at Lilla Gøtafors . Even the colors at the event location matched  ;-)
// Image: Nordsjø //
Creative designers, bloggers and stylists from Norway and Sweden where invited. The whole day was packed with inspiration! Speakers from Stylt Trampoli, and
 Asko Nobel (Nordsjø), bubbles, food, and a super fun workshop!
//Image: Nordsjø //
At the workshop there were walls set up, painted in Copper Orange, and a whole room full of props! We were told to do a spontaneous styling. So much fun!!
My group created an "after the Color of the year launch nachspiel" ;-) (picture above) 
One tiny detail from this styling, and I had to create some moodboards when I got home!!
Do you see the detail...? ;)
...The dark colored candles, against the warm colored wall!
At first I was not too pleased with the combo, but now I think it is so perfect in this picture!
I chose to turn it the other way around though.., to create a different look.
// Moodboard: Therese Knutsen, Images: Nordsjø and Pinterest
Some dark colors from Nordsjø`s color chart, and I made my own moods.., inspired by our styling :-)
An overall dark color palette, with a hint of warm copper orange!
Looks  sophisticated and chic, don`t you think?
 //  Moodboard: Therese Knutsen, Images: Studio Oink
This beautiful styling by Studio Oink is spot on :-)
Starting this week filled with inspiration and colorful ideas from my trip to Gothenburg!
Have a happy and colorful week everyone!

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  1. Vilken fantastisk färg! Nu vill jag måla om här hemma.Får se om jag kan övertala maken.

  2. Love your moodboard here, and your taste & style everywhere in this blog! Interesting to compare this with the Pantone Color of the year, Marsala. (