tirsdag 19. august 2014




 Oh hello everyone :-)
I am still around, and I have really missed the blog this summer. Vacation, loads of work, and our renovation project, are all reasons why the blog has been so quiet for some time.
I am so sorry!, but I am looking forward to sharing ideas, inspiration and interior design with you more frequently now ;-)  
I hope that all of you had a wonderful summer, and that you are just as happy as I am about the changing season, the new color schemes, and all the exiting autumn  news popping up everywhere!
Love it!
Royal Copehagen just launched their new deep blue, and black porcelain tableware. So beautiful, dark, and with a matte and silky surface. Take a look HERE 
  Today I really just want to show you a moodboard, an autumn forecast maybe. Picking up the colors I have seen most of both on the catwalk, and in the great world of interior design  right now. A lot of dark blues, soft warm tones and the trending touch of golden metal.
A favorite fashion designer, Elie Saab`s collection this fall. Shades of blue ;-)
The golden hues creates a warm balance combined with colder blues, and mixed with  neutral black and white, you get an interesting and sophisticated look in your home this fall,
 HM home collection also include a lot of blue color this season. Deep night blue bed linnen is a winner I think :) Check out their new products HERE
 Moodboards: Therese Knutsen/ Images: Via
Well...bring it on!!
 After a long,  sunny and warm summer outdoors, I am so ready for the rainy days, the falling leaves, lots of candle lights, and more time to be creative inside the house again, are you? :-D
I see that so many of you have been stopping by during the summer, and it makes me so happy! Welcome!, and feel free to leave a comment, ask questions, or just say hello in the comment field below. 
Have yourself a terrific tuesday everyone!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Jippi!!!! Endelig tilbake :) Har du noen smakebiter eller planer for huset du kan vise frem?Er veldig spent på hvordan det går.

    1. Skulle så veldig gjerne hatt mer å vise fra huset, men der går det sååååå sent for tiden!! Sviktende håndverkere har stagnert oss litt nå, men jeg lover det skal bli masse derfra etter hvert:-)

      Så hyggelig at du setter pris på bloggen, det inspirerer meg:)

      Ha en fortsatt fin torsdag!


  2. Ha ha kjenner til det med sviktene håndverkere. Da nyter jeg alle de andre flotte innleggene mens jeg venter på
    nytt fra husprosjektet.:)