søndag 4. januar 2015


The Christmas fairy lights, the illuminating stars in the windows, and the sparkling Christmas tree.., all gone! Packed away in the basement again, leaving the house so much darker.
So happy with our Christmas presents though...two Lampe Gras N304, giving us some extra, super flexible work light in the kitchen.

 // Styling/ Photo: Therese Knutsen //

 In addition to several double ceiling spot lights, these wall lamps create a nice atmosphere in our kitchen.
 It is important to place the lights in various heights in a room, to create a balanced and comfortable lighting. If possible, get dimmers on all your lamps as well, giving you the opportunity to lower or increase the intensity of the light  :-)

NIB want`s to know how we use light around the house, well... this is how we light up our kitchen :-) Get some great lighting tips Here 

A lazy Sunday is almost over, I am having some tea, and enjoying the last of the wonderful fig and nut cake my sweet mother in law makes every Christmas. Getting the family ready to start work and school again tomorrow. Bring it on 2015, we are so excited!! :)



14 kommentarer:

  1. so beautiful!!!!!!! hugs, angie from germany

  2. Det ser veldig stilig og interessant ut. Som designer har jeg også mitt lille prosjekt her det er. Din mening vil være interessant.

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