tirsdag 30. desember 2014


Super easy dessert comming up :-)
I am sure you have all of the ingredients already...
- Vanilla ice cream
( I used Dream Yoghurt Ice cream, so light and fresh)
- Left over Christmas cookies
( I used my amaretto almond biscotties )
- Cold espresso
- Mandarin filets
- Flaked almonds
( Or chopped almonds)
- Chopped dark chocolate
( I used Mocca beans for extra coffee flavour)
- Homemade Sugar spin
( Tutorial Here )
Easy fix:
Chopped the cookies, and mix into the ice cream.  Add the cold espresso, and freeze until serving.
Make the sugar spin. It is much easier than it looks, and lots of fun to make sugar decorations :)
Slice the mandarin into thin filets.
To serve:
Use a mandarin slice to wet the rim of the dessert glass, then dip the rim in light brown muscovado sugar. Decoration only ;)
Sprinkle some of the chopped cookies into the glass. Place a scoop or two of the espresso ice cream on top, and garnish with chocolate, almonds, mandarin filets and the fantastic sugar spin.

 // Recipe, styling, photo: Therese Knutsen //

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ser kjempelekkert ut, og det smaker sikkert helt nydelig. Godt nytt år, Therese ��


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